Quickbooks Certification

February 27, 2015

Keith McLaren, CPA, CMA has officially received his Quickbooks Online Certification. This is actually rare amongst accountants; while many people use Quickbooks, this sets our agency apart as experts on the software (and its quirks).

The Quickbooks exam is an online exam taken at the end of an extensive training session, and students who complete it receive an official Certificate to prove their competency in the program.

What this means for you is that Keith R. McLaren, CPA, CMA is officially certified to handle your most in-depth accounting requirements. We’re proud to continue offering the most in-depth services in the tri-city area.

About Keith R. McLaren, CPA

Keith McLaren, formerly a CMA, is now a CPA, CMA. His firm is located in Guelph, Ontario. Learn more or read our latest blog posts: