New Service Announcement

September 22, 2015

I am very pleased to offer ProfitCents by Sageworks, an in-depth analysis tool that helps you interpret your financial statements compared to industry averages.

Using real-time industry data on private companies to benchmark clients and track industry trends, ProfitCents features:

  • Accurate benchmarking data
  • Over 1,400 industries
  • 60 ratios and metrics for KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Market knowledge demonstrated

Thanks to the detailed information ProfitCents provides, we’re better able to get a bird’s eye view of both a point and period in time. This establishes a base for budgeting, and helps with the planning, implementation, and control of your financial statements.

Our complete accounting plan

With ProfitCents, we’re able to offer a more complete suite of accounting programs than ever before. We can interpret and explain your financial statements by preparing a detailed analysis — using ProfitCents. This helps us devise a budget and/or a business plan.

And the best part of ProfitCents is that it allows us to continue to monitor your data, set up KPIs, and measure metrics to help guarantee your financial success.

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